In October 2013 I moved my little jewellery workshop to Summerhall, Edinburgh.

Summerhall was once The Royal (Dick) school of veterinary studies. This make for a hugely interesting and inspiring building to work in. There is a great cafe and The Royal Dick bar in the centre of the courtyard has a pretty amazing collection of old tools and operating tables from the vet school; at the bar you will find a glass counter displaying slides of lots of different parts of animal anatomy!

Not only does it have a plethora of studios and workshops rented by many different types of artist, it also hosts events such as Google’s recent Galactic Gala and is a fringe venue during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in august.

It was due to a change in my old Edinburgh workshop’s terms and conditions that myself, and studio mates Jess and Helen, had to move, and as we are running businesses we had to move fast!

Luckily for us Helen’s friends Emma & Gil had recently opened the Summerhall School of Jewellery  where they teach loads of courses and have a separate workshop space for resident jewellers, and there were a couple of benches available for rent!

Helen moved in the next day and I went up to visit them. As soon as I walked into Summerhall I felt at home, it was such an interesting building, with a grand wooden staircase looming over the reception area it immediately evoked history, knowledge and excitement.

I moved in the next week and haven’t looked back. I feel really happy bringing my lovely customers in here because I now have a space where we can go for a cup of tea and chat over ideas and designs, I can also give them a quick peek of the workshop without disrupting my fellow studio mates too much!

I am looking forward to enjoying my first summer there, soaking up the Scottish sun while having lunch in the courtyard and feeling the buzz of the festival as August rolls around.

If you’d like to come and visit me then please just hit the contact me button and let me know what you’re interested in having made!


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