Norwich skyline ring – December Commission Feature

Norwich skyline ring

This Norwich ring was made from recycled silver from my client’s wedding and engagement ring which needed a new life after being cut off her finger. Both rings were simple bands and she had been after one of my skyline rings for a few years. So this was the perfect opportunity to upgrade and incorporate the skyline of Norwich where she and her partner got married.

I drew up the design for her as a very rough sketch after she sent me a few photographs of her favourite view of the city. Once we had a general layout and I had made sure to get some specific buildings into the skyline, I neatened up my sketch and she confirmed she was happy with the design for the Norwich ring. Then she sent me her rings to melt down and roll out to start again!

As you can see above I took out the diamond from the engagement ring before I did anything else! The next step was to melt down the silver and pour it into a mould to make it into a nugget of silver. You always need a little metal for wastage, so I added some metal to this, I calculated the weight of the finished ring so I knew how much extra I might need.

The process

Now comes the lengthy process of rolling out the nugget of silver. This is a very manual part of the job; each time you roll the silver through the mill it hardens slightly, so you have to heat up the metal after every couple of rolls to make sure it doesn’t split and crack.

Once it’s the right length and thickness it’s then time to square up the sides making a rectangular strip to form the main part of the ring. Then using the rest of the metal, I rolled it down further to make the sheet needed for the landscape itself.

The Norwich landscape was fun to saw out of the metal; there was plenty of detail in the skyline and I even had some columns, spires, and trees to play with. I love sawing out different landscapes and this was no exception.

I designed this ring to be slightly thicker than my standard rings so the diamond from my client’s engagement ring could be set into the silver skyline. This is part of the joy of a handmade ring, I can work around any number of different design requirements to make sure your ring is bespoke to you. We even added the same engraving she’d had on the inside of her original wedding ring.

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