My latest collection for GNCCF

Hey jewellery fans,

I wanted to tell you about the collection of jewellery that I made especially for the GNCCF show in October 2019.

The design process

I had a few ideas about how to build this new collection; It was important to me to make a range of jewellery which could be enjoyed by the visitors at the Manchester show and I knew that perhaps Scottish landscapes might not resonate so well.

Having visited Manchester and the peak district a few times, I knew of some really cool places like Mam Tor, Kinder Scout and Winnats Pass. I also wanted to expand my range with landscapes that would be well known to most people not just places that were very specific to Manchester. Also important to me was to use landscapes that I found visually interesting as well as those that would lend themselves to beautiful jewellery and places that people may have visited.

A fair amount of time was spent researching the landscapes because I wanted to make sure they were places I had some knowledge of! After working with images of the landscapes, sketching and discarding things that weren’t working for me.

I decided on Mam Tor, Scafell Pike and Snowdon.

A flat lay photograph of Jen's sketchbook with tools, silver and pencils scattered around

My sketchbook featuring my designs for the pieces.

Making and melting

Once I had my designs drawn out, it was time to make the new pieces. I didn’t want to buy a lot, if any, new metal for this, as I am trying to recycle as much as possible. I’m very lucky to have a studio with the fantastic Vanilla Ink, at the time of making these pieces I was based in the Hidden Lane in Glasgow, they have a great little torch which melts silver or gold very very quickly. Using this I was able to melt down some scrap metal I had in my studio.


Old jewellery, off cuts from recycled silver pieces I’ve made and casting sprues from pieces that I have had cast in recycled sterling silver.

An ingot of recycled metal alongside some other scrap

An ingot of recycled metal alongside some other scrap

Two ingots of silver

Two ingots of silver once they’re melted down and clean.


Please enjoy this wee video of me melting down metal with the amazing little torch!


Once I had my ingots of metal I was then able to roll these down to sheet metal, again thanks to the great tools I have access to at Vanilla Ink. I love rolling down my own sheet this as I can check the thickness as I go, sometimes I decide as I’m rolling it down that I like the way a particular piece of metal feels and I decide not to roll it as far as I was going to. I want my jewellery to have a lovely weight to it, not too heavy that it’s cumbersome to wear but never so fragile that I would be scared to wear it.

Two pieces from the range photographed on a wooden table with my tools in the background

These layers are ready to be soldered together.

Finishing the collection

Once I had my sheet metal it was a straight forward process for me. I traced the landscapes onto the metal and sawed them out by hand. Due to carefully considering how I needed to make each pieces I was able to give myself over to, and get lost in, the making process. I hand cut each strip of metal for rings and cufflinks and each oval and circle for the pendants and earrings.  The Edinburgh Assay Office hallmarked the collection.  I had the jewellery finished just before I headed off to Manchester for the show. No time to really take photos of them until I was back!

An oval pendant featuring the landscape of Mam Tor on a white background.

Two round earrings featuring Snowdon on a white background.

Sterling silver ring with a textured skyline and a polished landscape.
















Unfortunately, and despite a lot of interest, I didn’t sell any of the pieces at the show, however that’s great for you as all of the pieces are now available on my website for you to view and buy! You can see the Scafell Pike pieces here, the Mam Tor pieces are here, and the Snowdon pieces are available here.


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