In the studio after Lockdown

Hello there jewellery fans!

Following on from my last blog post about what I got up to during Lockdown I wanted to pop on and let you know what I’ve been up to since being back in the studio after Lockdown. Hurrah!


A light wooden jewellers bench covered in an assortment of tools standing up in jars, cutlery holders and small tins in front of a white wall. There is a Benchpeg with a light above at the centre of the photo. There is a slow cooker to one side, a pendant drill stand on the right. Shelving to the top left of the frame with more tools.


In brief, over Lockdown the studios were closed so I was working at home a lot, and as a jeweller it was very difficult to actually make anything. I got access to the studios again at the end of June and it’s been SO lovely being back in the studio a few days a week — back to making beautiful landscape inspired jewellery for you.


As the regulations are ever-changing, I’m keeping a close eye on them; right now I’m still working from home when I can. Wearing masks at work is the most sensible thing to do for jewellers anyway, so even though we’re social distancing we’re wearing masks for our own and others protection, despite no-one else in our building doing the same. To keep myself and others safe, I’ve been cycling or walking to work, and occasionally due to the changeable Scottish weather, asking my partner or bubble friend for a lift. 🙂 All this just to safely go to the workshop a couple of times a week and make beautiful jewellery for you all!

Jen is at the front of the frame facing the camera, she is wearing blue floral print mask, safety googles and has magnification goggles on her head. Her eyes are slightly crinkled so you can tell she is smiling under her mask. Her bench is behind her and to be honest is a bit of a mess. There are tools and and a cold cup of tea on the bench.

I am definitely smiling under this mask but I can’t see anything! 🙂


How commissions work

Unfortunately, you lovely lot can’t come in and see my new studio and discuss your requirements in person which is the only issue right now. You might remember I moved into my new studio in January of 2020, so only a few of you have been able to come in and see it in person. I’ve definitely spent more time at home than in it! 

Still, I’m able to hold all my meetings with you via Zoom and by phone, and as ever, you can always email me with your ideas and questions. If you’re concerned that commissioning a piece of jewellery might be more expensive than you can afford, then take a look at my updated bespoke landscape jewellery page. Now you’ll know exactly what to expect when you buy bespoke from me.

Recently made jewellery

Since being back in the studio post lockdown, the commissions from you have included graduation gifts (somewhat slightly belated!), wedding rings, engagement rings, anniversary gifts, wedding gifts, belated birthday presents and some special self-gifting. You’ve all been so supportive of my business over lockdown and it’s been a great pleasure to make such thoughtful gifts for you and your loved ones. I’ve posted out a lot of commissions to you all since June and I’ve done one or two socially distanced collections too.

Two slim platinum bands with an engraved texture around the circumference of them. They are held up with the decorative edge facing up to the camera on a white background with the magic force of blue tac.

Two Platinum northern lights inspired rings.

A pair of sterling silver rectangular cufflinks with a rough texture, the Edinburgh skyline is cut out from red gold and is polished. The cufflinks are angled slightly towards the left of the frame so you can see the cufflink swivel backs.

Edinburgh skyline cufflinks using client’s own red gold on a sterling silver background.

A sterlign silver and 9ct gold ring with a super shiny polished finish sits on a white background. Inchcolm Island is the featured landscape on this super shiny ring.

Super shiny Inchcolm Island ring, made as an heirloom piece with the clients own gold.


There’s still time before gift giving season

If you’ve been holding off on having a bespoke commission made, then there isn’t really a better time to do it than now. I’m still able to go to the studio to make your designs a reality and I can have those consultations and conversations with you wherever in the world you happen to be. Now is the perfect time for you to enquire about that idea for a piece of landscape inspired jewellery that you’ve had in your head for ages: you’ll have it made in time for Christmas.  I know it’s maybe a little too early for some of you, but if you want that jewellery made in time, during a pandemic, then it might be best to email me now and book a slot for a Zoom call, I have a few spaces left for next week.

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