Brexit, postage costs and customs charges.

Well Brexit happened didn’t it, during a global pandemic; that’s fun!

I’m not gonna lie – I don’t fully understand the implications of Brexit for my business yet. I mean generally, across the board, with suppliers, metal prices etc as I’ve never lived outside of the EU. Leave a light on for Scotland please. 🙂 

However I do have experience of sending my jewellery outside of the EU for clients across the world up until now. So I wanted to let you know what you might need to be mindful of if you live, well, anywhere that isn’t in the UK!

Sending jewellery from the UK.

When I send my jewellery outside of the UK, I use a service from Royal Mail called International Tracked and Signed, for items up to the value of £250. This service has different prices for places around the world, Royal Mail have categorized those places into “world areas” and I’ve tried my best to make sure these are all covered on my website.  If you’re ordering a ready to wear piece from my online shop you can see the postage cost easily at checkout. When it reaches your country your national postal service takes over the tracking and you can watch the journey.

If your jewellery costs over £250 you should contact me to discuss postage. We might opt for another courier service like UPS. Especially if you’re not happy to rely on the speed of the postal service in your country. I’ve used Parcel force to send jewellery to Ireland and UPS to send a wedding ring to Italy.

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Posting bespoke orders.

With commission/bespoke jewellery I’ll discuss postal options with you quite early on in the process as we’re discussing the cost. Obviously the value of your jewellery order affects the postage cost. The value will affect the customs charge you might have to pay on your jewellery entering your country too. 

Customs charges.

I would recommend you read up on jewellery customs charges for your country before ordering from me. I can’t be held responsible for any additional costs.

If you’ve got any questions about ordering jewellery and postage costs please get in touch. I’m always happy to help and answer any questions.  I’ve been posting jewellery for years now so I’m happy to share my knowledge.


Thanks for reading!


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