Vegemite cufflinks – November Commission feature

These Vegemite cufflinks were commissioned to be a surprise gift on a wedding day.

The couple had asked me to make their wedding rings and these Vegemite cufflinks were to be handed over on the same day as the rings but without the recipient knowing! Quite a challenge.

There’s a story behind the significance of the Vegemite, as there always is with this kind of thing! I don’t want to share a story that’s not mine to tell but I’ll tell you this, it’s very sweet and kind of hilarious. It’s the kind of story I’d like to have with someone!

We decided the design should be as close to the shape of the Vegemite jar as possible, and we wanted to use the shape of the label, so I did some good Googling, having never been a fan of Marmite, and never having even seen Vegemite I wanted to know what I was dealing with! So I set about making the two jars I would need and the diamond shaped labels. We decided on a flat cufflink, rather than something made in three dimensions, perhaps because I’m used to this style, but it would’ve been interesting to make something maybe in a half round shape too. Next time!!

I drew on the black lines as this was where I wanted to create definition in the jar and lid by engraving lines to the metal.

So once the labels were soldered on, as you can see, I then engraved in those black lines to create the shape of the jar and lid, it really can lift a design up to give it definition like this, it creates a sense of depth to my landscape pieces and it gives a three dimensional feel to these cufflinks.

I then had to engrave a lot of little lines to really get the jar lid looking like a lid!! I also, at the request of my client engraved two hearts onto the back of the cufflinks, it’s a lovely touch as it’s hidden when they’re worn and they look much more subtle now the cufflinks are finished too. Once I had polished the cufflinks up I then engraved a large letter V, we decided that would be better than trying to engrave the whole name on, we also hammered the label section as it would then match the texture on her wedding ring.

The cufflinks and rings were so well received that the couple came back in to my workshop after their wedding with a HUGE bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates for me, I was completely stunned to receive such a lovely gift. It’s such an honour to be asked to make wedding rings for people, that I don’t expect anything like that, it was such as kind and thoughtful thing of them to do. My customers really are the loveliest of people!


Vegemite cufflinks