Murrayfield Stadium – December commission feature

At the end of 2016 I was commissioned to make a piece of jewellery, incorporating Murrayfield Stadium into my ever popular Edinburgh Landmarks Bangle.

The bangle, featuring Murrayfield stadium as it’s central focus, is also a piece of memorial jewellery, remembering a meaningful place and a much loved aunt, made in 9ct yellow and white gold with a few small diamonds scattered in the sky, such a stunning piece to make and my client was an absolute delight to work with.

I had to carefully cut the landscape from the 9ct yellow gold and I cut in some of the supports to Murrayfield so it is a recognisable structure. I don’t know if you’ve seen my video on Instagram, but it shows me cutting part of the Edinburgh landmarks bangle landscape – you can see how long it would take to cut the full thing, then there’s all the filing and that’s before I’ve even soldered it into place and turned it into a bangle!

Here are some photos of the process, you can see I have to make the bangle in a flat state first. Then I hammer it until it’s round and solder it into it’s final shape, making sure the size is correct as I go. Then, I drill all the little holes for the stones, before burring them out into larger holes which I can set the diamonds into.

I absolutely loved making this Murrayfield stadium bangle, I always enjoy commission pieces, but it’s something different when they are memorial pieces like this one.

I’ve made pieces in memory of people before; a set of three bracelets that I made a few years ago, is still with me now. I remember each piece I make clearly, and the stories and inspiration behind them. It can be quite intense when making something like this, as not only am I focused on making it, which involves a lot of deep concentration over many hours but I’m also thinking about the reason it’s being made and the stories I’ve heard about the person it’s in memory of. I always feel like there’s a little bit of me in each piece that I make for this exact reason.

If you’re thinking of having a piece of memorial jewellery, or any other jewellery made, please send me an email, I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about it.

Murrayfield Stadium bangle