Crail Golfing Society Captain’s Brooch – January Commission Feature

This year I was asked to make a brooch… the first ladies Crail Golfing Society Captain’s Brooch!!! I couldn’t pass up that kind of commission; what a wonderful thing to be a part of!!

I had a very particular brief to work to; as it was celebrating the first ladies captain, the Crail Captain’s Brooch had to feature the same elements as the other badges, blazers and medals. When your Society is the 7th oldest golf club in the world, you have a lot of history behind you and they wanted to keep some things the same. Do get in touch if you’ve a similar idea for a commission.

I was delighted to be a part of this, but it did take me a wee while to get my head round the problem solving how to make it. I often have a meeting with a client and let the ideas sit in my head for a while, one day, one week, even a month, before I feel something coming that’s a tangible design. However for this piece the design was pretty much done for me, I just had to draw it out to a suitable size, in my own style and work out how to do all the layers it needed so that I could solder or rivet it all together.

I started with a few small parts of the ship.

Then I added a larger oval behind for the background, and a large oval surround which I would eventually stamp the letters into, there was a bit of working out involved to make sure it was as symmetrical as it could be for something that is handmade.

It took me a wee while to stamp the letters into the surround, I also stamped some stars into the background of the brooch and soldered on a small crescent moon which was required by the design. I hope you’ll agree it is a brooch fit for a captain and I hope it’ll be worn with pride for many years to come.


Crail Captain's brooch