Edinburgh Skyline Rings – October Commission Feature

Hey jewellery fans.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a commission feature blog; I have been very busy, getting ready for Finland and so the end of last year kind of ran away from me. I can’t quite believe it’s March, so I’m going to write a few blog posts so you can see what I’ve been creating in the last 6 months!

First up, some wedding rings.

These skyline rings were commissioned by a couple who really wanted to have some particular parts of Edinburgh on their wedding rings. They sent me a few suggestions and photographs of their most important places and we discussed the size, materials and cost all by email. It was quite important that we got everything right because not only were we not able to meet for a consultation but they were going to be collecting their rings the day before their wedding because they were travelling over from America to be married! Luckily they knew exactly what parts they wanted and their measurements were flawless; still, that moment of checking the fit of the rings was quite a tense one!

There were a few particular places that were highly important to have on the skyline rings, Canongate Kirk, The Witchery, St Giles’ Catherdal and Calton hill to name a few. This meant I had to get a lot of the detail into a very small space, especially as one of the rings was for a petite woman so I didn’t have a lot of room to play with but I really wanted them to have an excellent detailed quality about them.

As you can see in the images I’ve added a lot of detail to these rings, including engraving some extra detail. This way they show off things like the dormer windows on The Witchery. The ladies ring also had a diamond set into the window of the Canongate Kirk, it works so well because the window of the Kirk has a pattern that reminds me of a diamond. This ring became the “engagement ring” and I was asked to make a plain gold band to act as the wedding ring.

I’m not really one for “traditional rings”, and I want my customers to have rings that make them happy so I am glad they went for this mixture of bespoke landscape ring and a plain band. The fact that she got her engagement ring the day before the wedding kind of satisfies that subversive side of me!

Here are some more of the finished rings.


Edinburgh Skyline Rings