Edinburgh landscape rings – July Commission Feature

This month’s commission feature are a set of Edinburgh landscape wedding rings that have been a long time coming, as my clients and I started talking about these in March this year.

They emailed me after seeing me and my jewellery at a Wedding show in Edinburgh last year, which was an event I hadn’t done before. I really like to know where you find me and my work so if you do get in touch for a commission, let me know where you found me.

After having a look at some of the landscapes rings I had made previously they emailed me with some ideas for the style of the ring and a couple of ideas of what they’d like to be different. We started by deciding on the metal for the rings, they chose the landscapes of Arthur’s Seat and the Pentlands. I then got the pleasure of ordering a number of different stones from my stone supplier, green amethysts, tsavorites, emeralds, turquoise and aquamarine, along with a few diamonds, thrown in for good measure. We had a wonderful time deciding and it did take a wee while to make sure they had decided on the right stones for their rings. Once we had decided on the stones it was nearly time for the wedding so I got the stones set and had the rings to them as soon as I had them finished!

Here are the beautiful finished rings!