Bespoke Landscape Bangle – September Commission Feature

Well, as I’ve been back dating a lot of my blog posts and that means I’ve been going through lots of photos of my work, there are loads of photos I need to share! This blog post is one I have actually written this month! Hurrah!

I wanted to share with you this bespoke landscape bangle that I made in 2015, as it’s a great example of a piece of jewellery that I’ve made which is very different in scale and features to pieces I’ve made in the past.

I was asked to make a bangle which was to be wider than my usual bangles, it was to feature the family’s home and also their But ‘n’ Ben as well as a view of Arthur’s Seat from the meadows. with a clicking clasp!

My fellow jewellers will know the pleasure of creating a clasp that clicks closed. It’s a satisfying and reassuring sound: Yes, your bangle is definitely closed!

So here are some photos of the finished bangle. It’s very much still my style but I’m sure you can see how it is so unique and different to the bangles I’ve made before!