Wedding rings for men

Calling all men who are getting married!

I’ve been making jewellery for over 10 years now, and in that time I’ve made a lot of wedding rings for men. I’ve met a lot of couples getting married, both same and opposite sex. I’ve made rings for people that I’ve never met who have found my jewellery online and liked it and trusted me with making their rings. I love making wedding rings, it is a huge honour to be asked to make a piece of jewellery that someone will wear for the rest of their lives!

This is an important purchase, the only wedding ring you’ll ever buy, that’s a purchase for life. I’m not just saying this because I’m a jeweller, seriously you’ll look at these everyday, it’ll be one of the few lasting parts of your wedding day, reminding you of your partner and the happiest day of your life. You need to make sure it’s something you really love to wear!

I don’t make my rings with any gender in mind though some people ask. A lot of people like my rings for different reasons, the most important thing is that you like it.

One of the things I hear most often from men when they come to me about wedding rings is “I don’t wear jewellery” That’s okay! You don’t have to know the first thing about jewellery, that’s what I’m here for!

Should they match?

It doesn’t have to match your partner’s ring, a lot of wedding rings that I make are totally different from each other, and I’ve made plenty just for one person in a couple, when their partner has bought their wedding ring elsewhere. A few of those are shown below.


Choose your metal with care.  You’ll wear this ring every day, they will outlast the paper the photographs are printed on. It’s worth a little extra cost if you can stretch to it. Your wedding ring will get knocked about, you’ll hit it on more things than you can imagine during one day so you want it to be durable.


If you’re going for silver, that’s fine, it isn’t as durable as other metals, and will wear away comparatively quickly over time. However, it’s the cheapest of the precious metals and lots of jewellery is made from it.


Gold comes in different carats and colours. 18ct yellow is the traditional metal. It’s got a high enough content of gold (750 parts per 1000) that it looks good but has enough other metal alloyed with it to make it more durable than pure gold. 9ct gold has a lower content of gold (375 parts per 1000), so it’s a slightly different, paler colour. You can see that below in these images.

White gold is an alloy with other metals like silver and palladium to make it white in colour, it’s still got the same parts per thousand of gold as it’s yellow counterpart. There’s a bit of a myth about white gold actually being yellow gold that’s plated to look white, this is because most high street jewellers plate all their white metals to look the same. When that plating wears away the metal underneath looks yellow in comparison.

As you can see you can mix your metal colours too for added interest and contrast between the landscape and sky.

9ct is a creamier white than silver and 18ct is a more grey/steely colour. Here are a few photos showing the difference.


Palladium and Platinum

These are not metals I work with frequently as there is a limit to what I can do with them. I don’t yet have the tools needed to work in Platinum and Palladium but I can make your landscape ring in silver and get it cast into these metals, or make something simpler.

As you’ll see above, I love using a mixture of metals, so 9ct white and yellow gold or 18ct white and yellow, it’s a great way to add some more depth and contrast to your landscape wedding ring.


I’m not a big fan of plating rings as it does wear away over time, that could be 2 weeks or 6 months on a ring that’

s in constant contact with your finger, but I will do it upon request.  These rings have either been oxidised with a chemical solution that turns the silver black, or been plated with Black Ruthenium which is a slightly blacker colour and may last longer.

Width of band

Choose something that suits your frame, for example I often recommend 6, 8 or 10 mm like these rings below. This will allow a landscape to fit on and if your fingers are a larger size S+ the ring will look in proportion. The best thing to do is go into your local jewellery shop to try on a selection of band widths. This will help with the sizing too, when you want a wider band you need a slightly bigger ring size.

Wall thickness

This is where comfort comes in, most of my rings are 1.2 mm to 1.5 mm wall thickness, they can have a rounded inner edge to provide more comfort too. The thickness will affect how it’ll feel on your finger when you’re wearing it, if you’ll notice it when your fingers/hands are relaxed. Most of the rings you’ll see above have a rectangular profile (if you cut them open) this is just what I choose to work with and it lends itself to landscapes well. The thickness I choose helps with this, and as you get used to wearing a ring you should notice it less and less. A little like when you start wearing a belt after not wearing one for a while, or a pair of trousers after wearing shorts all holiday!


If you like my landscape rings you might be thinking about having a texture on one part or all of your wedding ring. One tip I heard a while ago which I always mention to my wedding ring clients, your ring will end up the opposite of how you started: If you choose textured it’ll even out and polish up over time, if you choose polished it’ll get dented and less shiny over time. 

Polished is classic and always looks ace with a contrasting textures. This will of course get dented and worn over time wearing your ring, if you’ve chosen something like silver this might happen more quickly than with the other metals.

Satinised is one of my favourites, it covers a lot of little nicks and scratches but as it’s on your finger it’ll get worn over time to a more polished look.

Brushed is very simple, created with a scotch brite wheel which spins very fast, it can be recreated at home by using the rough side of a scouring pad, at your own risk of course.

Hammered is a brilliant compromise, it’s already bashed into shape, anything you do to it will add to the character of it.

I am always happy to reapply textures to your rings if I can, please get in touch if you’d like to arrange for me to texture or polish of your rings.


One way to get your size is to buy a ring sizer here, the cost of which will be taken off your commission if you choose to buy from me. If you’re going for a wide band 8mm + I would recommend adding a half size to your measurement. The most important thing is how the ring feels going over the middle joint of your finger, this is often where a ring gets stuck. Your ring should feel secure enough that you could throw a stone into a lake, or a ball for a dog without your ring flinging off with it too. Not so tight that it’s a struggle to get it off though. You can also go into your local jewellers and ask for their help too.


The best thing about asking me to make your wedding ring for you, is that you can change every aspect of the options above. Send me your own favourite landscape photograph and I’ll use that to design your wedding rings. The wedding rings I make are always unique and made by hand, by me in my studio. No-one else will have the same design as you, especially if you choose your own landscape!

If you want to learn more

You can arrange to come in and see me in my studio, I would be more than happy to talk you through this. I have sample landscape rings to see, I can work out your size, recommend a band width and give you an idea of the cost, all before you decide if you want to go ahead. There is no pressure, after all this is an important ring and I want you to be sure that you love it!



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