SECC Wedding Show

This February I took part in my first wedding show, held at the SECC in Glasgow.

I have taken part in many exhibitions and craft and design fairs before but this was my first really big show, exhibiting alongside a lot of well known brands, high street jewellers and industry experts. I had decided after having a lot of customers asking about wedding rings that it was maybe an area I should focus on more!

Needless to say I was a little apprehensive about exhibiting my handmade rings beside companies who have been doing it for years and others who make their jewellery in the thousands of pieces.

So you can get an idea of the size of the event, here’s a wee shot of my stand which was one of hundreds! You can see my amazing new banner that I think really pulls the whole stand together!


I needn’t have worried though. I had the pleasure of chatting with so many amazing people, I made new friends with some other small companies, many of whom were also there for the first time. (Phew!! Not the only one!)

Once I explained to people that my jewellery was based on landscapes and explained a bit about how I make them I got a lot of “wow” responses! Many smiled with that kind of ‘this is exactly what I was looking for’ smile (and one lovely lady nearly started crying!)

It is weekends like those that really make my job. I was basically in a room full of people organising the happiest day of their lives, what’s not to love!

I met so many lovely couples that weekend and I am already making rings for some weddings next year!

If you’d like to talk to me about designing your wedding rings, whether you have a landscape in mind or want some simple rings, contact me!

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