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Tools of the trade

31.03.16 - Summerhall jewellers

Open Studios Announcement! As many of you may know I am based in Summerhall in Edinburgh, it is an excellent building to work in as there is a great community ...Read More

24.03.16 - Birthday gift – March Commission Feature

Good March to you all! I'm very happy spring is finally here, having recently Fostered a dog I am SO happy that the weather has taken a turn for the ...Read More

Whitby Collection

21.03.16 - Whitby Collection – February Commission Feature

Sorry this post is a bit late, but it does mean you'll get two features this month! February's commission feature is a small collection of jewellery made as Christmas presents, ...Read More

04.01.16 - An unusual set of wedding rings – January Commission Feature

An unusual set of wedding rings. Wow, it's January! A new year and an ideal time for me to think over all I did last year and all the things ...Read More

02.12.15 - December Freepost

Good morning jewellery fans! Did you know that I've got only two more shows this December! I can't believe it, I've been so busy with commissions and urgent wedding rings ...Read More

01.12.15 - Star pendant – December commission feature

It seems sensible to have something a bit magical as my December commission feature, and what's more magical than a star pendant!!! I made this star pendant way back in ...Read More

Portobello Jewellery

12.11.15 - Exclusive Portobello Jewellery at The Velvet Easel Gallery

Portobello Jewellery At the beginning of May while dropping off some stock at The Velvet Easel Gallery, I was chatting to Roz the owner and we decided that it would ...Read More

Scottish Arts Club

11.11.15 - Christmas Events in November and December

Good afternoon! In case you've started thinking about getting your Christmas shopping done and looking for where you can find me, here's a short list of my craft fair dates! ...Read More

18ct yellow gold Dundee skyline ring

01.11.15 - I LOVE GOLD! – November Commission Feature

I love working with yellow gold, specifically 18ct yellow gold, it is an absolute dream to work with. It can be a bit daunting working with such an expensive metal; ...Read More

01.10.15 - Square ring – October Commission Feature

Sitting in Edinburgh on a very dreary day seems like the right time to be telling you about a really shiny square ring I made for a wedding in October. ...Read More