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Jen working in the studio

21.05.18 - Pricing changes – how it affects you and me

Pricing This blog has a little bit more information about my pricing which will be changing on June 1st. The reason behind why these increases are needed and what it ...Read More

Sterling silver Barra Ring

12.05.18 - Wedding rings for men

Calling all men who are getting married! I've been making jewellery for over 10 years now, and in that time I've made a lot of wedding rings for men. I've ...Read More

Glasgow Skyline Bangle

29.03.18 - Ethical making perspective – avoiding overwhelm

Ethical Making Symposium 28th March 2018 I was asked to speak about my ethical making journey at the Incorporation of Goldsmiths event "It's In Our Hands - One Year On, ...Read More

Glasgow Skyline Bangle

01.03.18 - Fairtrade jewellery

Fairtrade jewellery - why and how I will be changing what I do. It's currently Fairtrade fornight! So I thought I'd tell you a little more about Fairtrade jewellery. Last ...Read More

Hallmarking silver

19.02.18 - Hallmarking jewellery – some information

I thought I'd give you a short and sweet post today about hallmarking jewellery! I used to work in the Edinburgh Assay Office, and I learnt a lot about hallmarking ...Read More

09.11.17 - Finland Residency – Part 6 – Creativity

THURSDAY Despite this week being the exact same length as all the other weeks we've had here, it felt quite short.  My creativity had been boosted and I had made ...Read More

U necklace and earrings 18ct white gold, diamonds and blue zircon

12.09.17 - Blue Zircon – September Commission Feature

Blue zircon set of jewellery This month's commission feature follows the transformation of a HUGE blue zircon and diamond cocktail ring into a more subtle set of jewellery. And not ...Read More

Finished landscape kiltpin

25.08.17 - Family landscape kiltpin – August commission feature

Landscape Kiltpin A long standing client and friend asked me to make her and her family a landscape kiltpin to give to her father for his birthday. It was to ...Read More

23.08.17 - Finland Residency – Part 5 – Balance

THURSDAY The 20th of April, everything began to feel like a downwards slope with the balance tipping towards leaving Finland; I would be returning home in a little over a ...Read More

Stacking Rings

08.07.17 - Stacking rings – July Commission Feature

I love the challenge of making things that are a little different from my usual landscape pieces, and this commission for gemstone stacking rings was very different indeed! The materials ...Read More