Landmarks of Edinburgh Bangle


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This sterling silver bangle features the landmark buildings of the city of Edinburgh skyline. The skyline has a polished finish while the background is a satinised textured finish and the inside has a smooth brushed finish.

After taking a short hike up Arthur’s Seat I selected a view of the city that I was happy with. I then used a bit of artistic license to squish some of the buildings in that I particularly like and came up with the view that you see on this bangle!

Iconic buildings such as Edinburgh Castle, The Hub, The Scott Monument, Calton Hill, Edinburgh University Old College, St Giles cathedral are all featured.

This bangle comes in three different sizes as standard, but any in between sizes can also be made to order, please just contact me

To accurately measure your hand for a bangle, use a flexible measuring tape or slim piece of paper. Touch your pinky finger to your thumb, so it’s the shape you’d make when putting a bangle over your hand and loosely measure round the widest part of your hand, this should give you a number in cm that matches the sizes below. Remember a bangle will be more ridged so if the tape has trouble sliding over your hand the bangle will too!

Alternatively, measure the diameter of a bangle you have that fits and send me that measurement so I can recommend a size for you.

Photo Credit: James Morris