New Website

This past year has had a lot of excitement for me: I quit my part-time job to concentrate on my jewellery fulltime; I moved my workshop to Summerhall; and, most recently, I have invested in a new website made by the very talented Fiona at Unavoided.

I have always had a gallery website featuring previous commissions and a list of stockists. Then I got an online shop, which unfortunately was separate and that caused a lot of confusion for everyone! I knew with the launch of my full-time career this was the perfect time for a make-over!

I was looking at the logo and website of a stockist and gallery that I adore and discovered Fi who had designed and built theirs.

I knew instantly that Fi was the right designer for the job because she liked my work too, she immediately understood the style of my work and how she could make the website reflect that. She also designed the amazing banner I had at the wedding show this year.


So here it is, my new and super easy-to-use website, the shop is now finally integrated and will be much easier for you (and me!) to navigate and see my latest work, keep up to date with me on various social media sites and buy some landscape jewellery.