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09.11.17 - Finland Residency – Part 6 – Creativity

THURSDAY Despite this week being the exact same length as all the other weeks we've had here, it felt quite short.  My creativity had been boosted and I had made ...Read More

23.08.17 - Finland Residency – Part 5 – Balance

THURSDAY The 20th of April, everything began to feel like a downwards slope with the balance tipping towards leaving Finland; I would be returning home in a little over a ...Read More

04.07.17 - Finland Residency – Part 4 – Accretion

ACCRETION Accretion as defined by the Oxford dictionary is: “The coming together and cohesion of matter under the influence of gravitation to form larger bodies.” WEDNESDAY A cold foggy day ...Read More

05.06.17 - Finland Residency – Part 3 – Time

THE END OF WEEK ONE I often wish I had more time, don't you?! With my self-employment, and I suspect it's the same for some of you reading this, when ...Read More

16.05.17 - Finland Residency – Part 2

My Finland residency week one! This residency was made possible by the generous support of Creative Scotland. Sunday It was a very bleak, wet Sunday when I landed in Tampere, ...Read More

Snowy lake near Arteles, Finland

09.05.17 - Finland the preamble

Finland - April 2017 - Part 1 This residency was made possible by the generous support of Creative Scotland and Arteles. This is the first in a series about my ...Read More

07.03.17 - Jewellery Jen goes to Finland

If you don't follow my social media, or you've not caught up in a while, you might not know that I am off to Finland for a month in less ...Read More

River Tyne Rings - Jen Cunningham Jewellery

17.02.17 - Inlay rings – February Commission Feature

I was commissioned to make these silver and gold inlay rings last year. I was asked if I could use old gold wedding rings as inlay for a set of ...Read More

Crail Captain's brooch

29.01.17 - Crail Golfing Society Captain’s Brooch – January Commission Feature

This year I was asked to make a brooch... the first ladies Crail Golfing Society Captain's Brooch!!! I couldn't pass up that kind of commission; what a wonderful thing to ...Read More

Murrayfield Stadium bangle

15.12.16 - Murrayfield Stadium – December commission feature

At the end of 2016 I was commissioned to make a piece of jewellery, incorporating Murrayfield Stadium into my ever popular Edinburgh Landmarks Bangle. The bangle, featuring Murrayfield stadium as ...Read More